Wayne Olson Consulting LLC

Expert Guidance on Fundraising, Donor Relations and Customer Relations
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Fundraising, Customer Relations and Donor Relations Solutions

Wayne Olson is nationally-known and sought-after speaker, trainer and motivator for staff, corporate leaders and boards wishing to improve their customer and donor relations.

Whether for a single training session in a morning, or an extended consulting position in-house with your staff, Wayne can help your corporation or nonprofit organization attain excellence.

Improve your Donor and Customer Relations. Grow your Bottom Line

Excellence is not expensive. Mediocrity is costly. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, department store, charity, church or other non-profit organization, how you interact with your donors or customers is crucial. Increasingly, successful corporations and organizations are realizing the importance and competitive advantage of training and equipping front-line staff and managers with a purposeful focus on relating better to customers or donors.

Put Wayne's Experience to Work for You

The goal of Wayne's practice is to give small organizations the advantage of larger ones. Have an expert fundraiser (with more than 15 years' experience) on call to train your staff and respond to donor calls. For larger organizations, maybe it is time to give your staff a refresher in what is important. Either way, you are guaranteed to be delighted with the results or you pay no fee.

Trial Lawyer, Television News Producer, Writer, Fundraiser

A former trial lawyer, television news producer and fundraiser for the last 15 years, Wayne combines his attention to detail and his ability to connect with audiences and donors (seeing the world from their point of view) along with his successes in fundraising to help others connect with customers, donors and fellow employees. Wayne is the author of two books with a third to be published in early 2016. Wayne is a trusted advisor having worked with donors who have given tens of millions of dollars to the nonprofits Wayne has worked for and with. Put that experience and institutional knowledge to work for you.

Photograph © Wayne Olson “The Mittens,” Monument Valley, Arizona (April 2015)