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In 2014 Fundraising Success magazine awarded Wayne the Most Inspiring Speaker of the Year

Hundreds of audiences have heard Wayne. From keynote speeches to international gatherings of packed ballrooms to small classrooms with one or two participants, Wayne is one of the most requested speakers on customer relations, fundraising, planned giving, and donor relations.

If you need your new staff to hear a practical or inspiring message or if you want to give your seasoned experts a fresh perspective, Wayne can help you. In 2014, Fundraising Success magazine named Wayne the most inspiring speaker of the year.
  • "Thank you for hosting this webinar. I found it very informative and have a new perspective on how to approach donors and maintain the relationships that are formed." - Chelsea L.
  • I thought your presentation to the Madison Rotary club last week was very well done.  Thank you for coming to the club…I was also impressed with the amount of research and analysis that goes into one of your presentations.  It isn't just the gift of gab and motivation you have, it is also the extremely evident amount of hard work that goes into making a 20 minute speech.  I am looking forward to procuring your most recent book if for no other reason than I found your insights very informative and I want to read the Paul Harvey "rest of the story." - Al T.
  • Wayne's remarks on "Being a Master Leader" were spot on and fit into the day's program beautifully!  Your presentation is quick-paced and uses a multitude of visuals to reinforce your points. Great job!  We were honored to have you as our motivational speaker for Leadership Huntsville/Madison County Masters 8 Class on Orientation Day! - Pat
  • Wayne's presentation was fun, positive, engaging and inspiring. Your ability to engage the participants was wonderful. Thank you for speaking. — Karen
  • Your presentation was right on target.  You came through with minimal guidance - mostly hand waves about the themes we wanted the keynote speaker to address.  And you hit it out of the park. Thank you very much for your willingness to talk to the group and to inspire them to greater heights. — Al

Wayne can tailor any talk on customer or donor relations for you, but here are his most popular and requested subjects.

Presentations for Nonprofit Audiences
  • Donor Relations the Disney Way (Wayne does not represent the Disney Corporation).

  • To Get Big Gifts, Think Like your Donor

  • Planned Giving for People who Don’t do Planned Giving

  • Growing your Career in Fundraising

  • The Power of Passionate Fundraising

  • How to Give a Great Speech or Presentation

Presentations for Corporations and Employees
  • Customer Relations the Disney Way (Wayne does not represent the Disney Corporation)

  • Increase your Job and Personal Satisfaction by Working with Nonprofits (for attorneys, accountants and financial planners)

  • What your Customer Wants you to Know but will Never Tell you

  • The Power of Passion to Grow your Career

  • What your Staff needs to Know about 21st Century Customer Relations

  • What Baby Boomers Demand from you - and why you need to Know

  • How to Give a Great Speech or Presentation

Past speaking engagements include:

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