Speaker Trainer Writer

Let Wayne help you improve your planned giving.

Start-up Plan

Wayne can help you and your organization begin an effective and low-maintenance planned giving program. Usually with no additional staffing and minimal resources you can begin soliciting and receiving planned gifts. Wayne will meet with you in person, or over the phone (or both) to help you start your program, even (or especially) if you have no planned giving experience.

Get Growing Plan

Wayne can help you grow and improve your planned giving efforts. Focusing on marketing and finding more potential donors, we can help you fine-tune your messaging to encourage planned gifts, and help you market and administer some of the more complicated planned gifts. We can also help you educate your board, staff and donors on planned giving to make your job easier.

Phone Support

Wayne can support you as much as needed and is always a phone call, text or email away. If all you want is someone to back you up and help you with those difficult questions, Wayne is there for you.

Retreats and One-time planned giving

If all you want is one day to rev up your staff, board or invited donors, we can get together and explain planned giving in simple, understandable terms. By removing the mystery and showing the benefits of planned giving, your donors, board and staff will be enthused and motivated to make, or help make more planned gifts happen.


Several charities hire Wayne simple to write. Sometimes for a newsletter, or email, or interviewing a donor and writing an article, if it is in writing Wayne can help. With three published books, numerous articles and a fourth and fifth book on the way, Wayne has been writing planned giving for twenty years and can write for you.

One thing to remember: it's all custom. We have no cookie cutter approach. Whether you need one of the above services, or all of them, we will work with you to give you the maximum results with the least cost. Our goal is to help you and more importantly, help you in the way most meaningful to you. Please call or email to find out how affordable it can be. With an average planned gift of more than $50,000, what have you got to lose? Call or email Wayne now at 256-725-3333 or wayne@wayneolson.com.