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Why you Need the Disney Difference!

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  • Are you giving your competitors free advertising? Find out on page 18.

  • What is the one thing you should focus on and the one thing you should ignore? The answer is on page 23.

  • What experts can and can't tell you. Find the difference on page 26.

  • What records should you strive to set and which should you ignore. Learn on page 45.

  • Why your VIP employee probably will never have a corner office. Who is she? Page 50.

  • What is the only way to handle complaint calls (and most companies do the opposite)? Read page 59.

  • What one thing almost certainly on your business card should not be there? Page 72.

  • Why the Haunted Mansion tombstones have a secret buried in them (that most will never know). Read page 80.

  • What one thing should we never tell a customer or employee? It's on page 98.

Transform Your Busines or Organization

The Disney Difference is must-reading for fans of Disney or for anyone who wants to apply the lessons and magic of Walt Disney to their organization. If you serve customers, charitable donors, or guests, this book will show you how you can give your best and give everyone a more magical experience.

Advance Praise for The Disney Difference

  • “After building homes in Disney's new town, Celebration, for over 20 years, and learning the ‘Disney Way’, I found this book captures the magic of creating a unique customer and Donor experience!”David Weekley, Founder David Weekley Homes
  • “Executives who strive for improvement look to the handful of organizations that excel decade after decade. Disney is one of these. Wayne Olson has done a masterful job of identifying the service-centric culture that is inherent to Disney’s success. Whether you have customers, patients, donors, or constituents, I heartily recommend this book.”Ron Klein, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur
  • "The Disney Difference is packed with enjoyable history about Walt Disney and his 'world.' But more than a fun Disney archive, Wayne Olson's book emphasizes the importance of customer relations through the Disney lens. That's why I recommend it. Dazzling customers with remarkable service. Yes!" — Dan T. Cathy, Chairman and CEO Chick-fil-A
  • "I’ve read lots of books about Disney, and this one is a gem. Read it for new insights and useful ideas." — Mark Sanborn, Author of The Fred Factor
  • “Having retired after 21 years at Walt Disney World, meeting Wayne Olson has become one of my best takeaways. His sincere love of Disney shines brightly through the pages of his book.” – Dean Gaschler, Retired Disney Cast Member
  • “Wayne has captured the most compelling components of the Disney difference in this easy to read and easy to apply book on Walt's customer-centered commitment to excellence, innovation, and of course, that magical experience.”Dr. William S. Barnes, Former Lead Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Windermere Florida

Wayne is not employed by and does not represent the Disney Corporation or any of its affiliates. But you will love this book!