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Church Planned Giving Services

Wayne Olson Consulting LLC can help your church grow its legacy and its impact while also helping your congregants secure theirs in strategic, tax-wise ways. My goal is to provide you with two-fold planned giving service that helps your church and its members equally.

First, I provide your congregation members with the knowledge they need to create and preserve their plans and legacies. Whether in a meeting (corporate) setting or one-on-one, I present it in a way that is easy to understand, simple to use, and hopefully entertaining. At the same time, I do my best to remove barriers that would prevent a family from pursuing their goals by demystifying planned giving and by showing how a little effort goes a long way. I can also help save attorney’s fees by equipping them with the right questions before engaging counsel.

Secondly, I work with the pastor, pastoral staff and lay leaders (as requested by the church) to give you the language and training you need to help inspire congregants to consider and implement planned gifts, while training you in the appropriate ways to respond most effectively when they act. My on-call services give you peace of mind by knowing you can always reach me when a planned giving question arises.

In both cases, I customize everything I do to fit your needs and budget. My goal is to help you grow the kingdom by serving your congregation with non-biased, competent advice, and giving you the comfort that you have a professional on your side. I am an active member of a reformed Presbyterian church and approach my job as if I were helping my pastor and my grandparents. Although I customize my services, you can choose from the following as essential building blocks:

Planned Giving Seminar
I will present a 90 minute, in-person meeting where members of your congregation can attend and learn in general terms what planned giving (estate planning with a charitable intent) is and how it can benefit their church and themselves, by providing income, estate and capital gains tax benefits while possibly increasing their income. We cover general charitable giving, wills, trusts, gift annuities, IRAs and touch on real estate, personal property and closely-held businesses.